Tuesday, October 28, 2008

13 o'clock

I've been so busy with work and freelance, that I haven't been able to do much Halloween preparation. The party is this weekend, so it will be a busy week. So here's a project I've been meaning to do since the first party four years ago: a 13 hour clock. Earlier this summer I stumbled across an old broken grandfather clock, and I figured I could do something with it. I haven't fixed it yet, looks like it will need a whole new clock mechanism, but in the meantime it's perfect for a halloween prop. I took the old face off and replaced it with a simple print-out of a file I put together in Photoshop. I had a little skeleton (which used to be in an old rusty birdcage) which happens to fit perfectly inside, with the chain wrapped around its neck all noose-like.

Btw, that's a real cuckoo bird sitting on top - another thing I'm not quite sure what to do with yet. Next up: spray painting skulls silver!