Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Taxidermy Fun

So you've seen the Two-headed Goose. I've commissioned a Flying Squirrel. (As in, a normal squirrel with bird wings.) One of the things I learned during my internship with Master Guarnaccia was that you have to have at least three things for it to be a collection. (Powerful words to live by.) I can't figure out what my third "unusual" bit of taxidermy should be. My nephew insists I need a Jackalope, but that seems so... um.. cliche. Any ideas? I had thought of a deer mouse.. hmmmm.

Above is Don Seegmiller's stuffed Raven he let me borrow for last year's party. He wisely took it home as I covet it. I'd love a Raven, but that doesn't really fit the theme... oh decisions.

Hard life I live, eh?

Saturday, June 23, 2007

Humble beginnings - 2004

I had only been moved in for less than two months, but the main order of business was my first ever Halloween party. A bit simple, but not bad for starting from scratch. You can even see the humble beginnings of the mad science lab behind Billy Bob pals Bill and Lorien. Sorry for the blurry pics - but they are the only ones I have. I kinda forget to take pictures while playing hostess.

Friday, June 22, 2007

New Blog!

Welcome to the Two-Headed Goose! (Known to friends and distant relations as Bertie and Gertie)

Almost three years ago I moved into a cute little house after years of studio and one bedroom apartments. I decided that it was perfect for the having of a Halloween Party. Each year The Party has sort of ballooned. This year promises to be a bit over the top if I manage to pull off everything I have floating around in my head. So I thought it would be fun to chart the progress in a blog separate from my normal illustration one.

So far I haven't had time to work on any actual projects, but I do always have it on the mind. Whenever I am out and about, if something catches my eye, I pick it up. Also, eBay is my friend. Found out earlier today my mom has hooked me up with several dozen pairs of glass eyes. So cool.

A couple recent acquisitions: