Wednesday, September 5, 2007


A couple months ago I decided I had to have some glass eyes. I didn't really have an agenda for them, but thought it was a must-have for a mad science lab. Sadly, glass eyes are a bit pricey. I asked my mom if she knew of any special secret places for nice but cheap doll eyes, as she is a porcelain doll maker. She couldn't find anything cheaper than I had, but checked with her teacher at her doll class. Her teacher offered several pair of eyes she said she wasn't going to use, and another woman who owns a doll supply store offered any damaged or mismatched eyes from her inventory.

So all in all, I ended up with about 52 pairs of eyes - for free! Thanks Katha and Coleen! I have a few ideas for them.

In other Halloween-ness, I'm actually having a small window of opportunity where I'm waiting for feedback on my freelance jobs, and the day job is pretty much caught up! I'm hoping to get a lot done this week by way of getting everything set up for starting all of my projects for this year's party. I've also been working a bit here and there on the tuxedo'd giraffe painting. I've decided painting drapery is so not my thing. But it will be cool. I have a really beautiful frame to put it in - a quite over-the-top gilt frame - well, at least as over-the-top as I could afford.

Only 6 1/2 weeks until the party!


wynne said...


Okay, so we've never met. But I've been a big fan of your art since I worked (sigh) at Waterford years ago (this was after you'd already left).

I was looking up your Halloween ecard that you did for Lucas films, and those boogers took the link down! I was disappointed. Very. And I suppose you can't link it anywhere because of copyright stuff, huh? Yes, very, very disappointed.

Anyhoo, greatly appreciate this new blog of all things Halloween.

wynne said...

Oh--and I have two Halloween contests going on at my blog, if you care to come and see. I love Halloween.