Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Taxidermy Fun

So you've seen the Two-headed Goose. I've commissioned a Flying Squirrel. (As in, a normal squirrel with bird wings.) One of the things I learned during my internship with Master Guarnaccia was that you have to have at least three things for it to be a collection. (Powerful words to live by.) I can't figure out what my third "unusual" bit of taxidermy should be. My nephew insists I need a Jackalope, but that seems so... um.. cliche. Any ideas? I had thought of a deer mouse.. hmmmm.

Above is Don Seegmiller's stuffed Raven he let me borrow for last year's party. He wisely took it home as I covet it. I'd love a Raven, but that doesn't really fit the theme... oh decisions.

Hard life I live, eh?

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Alisa Haggard said...

Even though you already have the Jackalope, I think you ALSO need a Wolpertinger to make your collection complete. What is a Wolpertinger, you ask? Well, you can find out by following this link to the source of all truth.
You can see some examples of great specimens if you click on the external links at the bottom of the page.